Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission of the CBCI Office for Dalits and Backward Classes


To gather and to empower the unserved and underserved in the society, especially the Dalits and Other Backward Classes, as leaders, with critical thinking, for social transformation.


Inspired by the teachings of Jesus, motivated by the writings of Dr. Ambedkar and propelled by the dynamic spirit of human dignity and equality, the office takes up the mission to coordinate the voiceless and the powerless in the society in order to gather momentum of social transformation.

Through education and skill-based training these brethren at the periphery of the society would become the social, political, and religious decision-making leaders.

The key to reform the society is empowering education that gives hope even amidst hopeless situation and courage to break through the dominating and oppressing fetters of suppression and discrimination.

The animation would evolve as bottom-up transformation of the society starting from the Diocesan and Regional Commissions.


  • To do advocacy with the policy makers for empowering Dalits and Dalit Christians .
  • To network with other churches, NGOs and peoples’ movements
  • The specific task would be to get equal rights for the Dalit Christians and to protect their rights Though their social and economic development is the concern of the Office, specific development works are done by the Caritas India and other CBCI Offices/ Councils.


To coordinate, to inspire and to animate the regional commissions.