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Updated on: 10-Aug-2017

Black Day

August 10th -Black Day 
The Constitution (Scheduled Caste) order 1950 was signed on 10th August 1950 by the then President of India which says that “No person who professes a religion other than Hinduism shall be deemed to be a member of the Scheduled Caste” which was later amended to include Sikhs (1956) and Buddhists (1990) in the Scheduled Caste net. This order is against the Secular nature (Preamble of the Constitution) of the country, against Article 14(Equality before the law), article 15(prohibition of discrimination of any citizen on ground of only religion), Article 25 (Freedom of Conscience and free to profess any religion), Article 26 (equality before the law and equal protection of the law) and against the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which India is a party. 
That is why every year the Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims observe August 10th as Black Day throughout India. Civil Writ petition 180/2004 in the Honorable Supreme Court of India praying the deletion of paragraph 3 of the Constitution (Scheduled Caste) order 1950 is still pending for the past Thirteen years. The Constitutional rights for Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims are denied based on religion for more than 67 years.  
Black Day was observed throughout India in many state capitals and district headquarters. Meetings, rallies, demonstrations, hunger fasts, submitting memoranda, candle vigils and other forms of demonstrations were organized at the State Capitals and district headquarters by the Christian communities to show support and solidarity to the suffering  Christians of Scheduled Caste Origin.
In Delhi Black Day was observed on 10th August 2017 from 4.30 to 5.30 pm at Jantar Mantar organized by CBCI, NCCI and NCDC.  Fr. Devasagayaraj, Secretary for CBCI Office for Dalits and Backward Classes gave the introduction about the observance of Black day and Mr. Samuel Jaya Kumar, the Executive Secretary for Governance and Witness, NCCI  were the organizers in Delhi . Anil Couto, Archbishop of Delhi, Christian and Muslim leaders  like Mr. Aariz Mohmmad, Mrs. Rao the Former vice president of NCCI, Mr. A. C. Michael, Sr. Anastasia Gill, Former and present Members of Minority Commission Delhi, Adv. FranklinCaesar,  NCDC, Vincent Manoharan from National Dalit Christians Watch, Mr. John Dayal and  other Leaders, priests and Religious, participated in the protest.
The Seminarians from Vidya Jyoti College ofTheology sang songs with Parai and led the people with Slogans. The Memorandum was signed by all the participants and is sent to Mr. Ram Nath Kovid ,  the President of India and Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of the Country. 
Our Demands are 
• The Union Government should come forward to resolve the issue immediately without further delay.
• The union Government should give appropriate reply to the query of the Supreme Court based on the recommendation of Justice Ranganath Misra Commission’s report. 
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